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Making Indoor Air Healthy and Safe

We’re On A Mission To Deliver Healthy Air
To Everyone In Every Indoor And Public Space

VerdexAir® by Verdex Technologies®


Our Mission is Making The

VerdexAir® is a specialist in air filtration, making the world we live in greener, .

“A healthy family, a healthy workforce, must be the priority ahead of anything else. In order to ensure we deliver on this; we must provide something that has been overlooked for years, healthy air.

Covid 19 more than highlighted our highly ineffective and highly inefficient indoor air filtration handling systems (HVAC). These air handling systems were designed over 100 years ago, and haven’t really changed in 100 years. They certainly were never designed with deadly viruses in mind.

If families are to feel truly safe in their homes again, and companies are to encourage employees and customers to return to their premises, practical steps must be taken to prioritize healthy air.

We live in a world where we expect to drink healthy water from our taps and bottles, we expect the food we eat to be clean and healthy, so it’s about time we all expect to breathe healthy air. VerdexAir® is on a mission to deliver healthy air to everyone in every indoor and public space.”

– Damien Deehan, CEO


Why VerdexAir®?

Breathing healthy air is more than just keeping your lungs and body healthy. The benefits of healthy air are extensive, including:

  • Greater sense of well-being from overall good health

  • Improved mental health from reduced physical stress and inflammation

  • Higher performance on cognitively demanding tasks

  • Reduced work absences from illnesses prevented by clean air

  • Increased productivity from heightened cognitive acuity

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Young Scientist

Healthy Air Experts

VerdexAir® staff of health experts specialize in indoor air quality and are always ready to collaborate with your team.

VerdexAir® team of experts includes in-house filtration experts who collaborate with scientists, medical experts, environmental consultants, and government and non-governmental agencies to constantly expand and exchange knowledge on how to help protect and enhance human health through healthy air.


Healthy Air Innovators

Damien Deehan


  • Degree in Engineering

  • Entrepreneur, founder, CEO, investor, and business mentor

  • 15+ years’ experience in tech start-ups, consulting, sales management and leadership in EU/US

1617369966944 NEW_edited.jpg
Thomas Dwyer


  • Graduate from VCU with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering

  • 7 years of design experience in Systems Engineering

  • Practiced in Design for Manufacturing

  • Inventor on 2 US patents

  • Proficient in Computer Aided Design and Analysis to aid in development of new technologies

  • Lead engineering teams while practicing lean manufacturing techniques

Brad Higgins


  • Experienced venture capitalist (JUMP/Uber)

  • 20+ years as Senior Public Finance Investment Banker– Goldman Sachs  & Credit Suisse

  • Former Assistant Secretary of State and CFO of the US Department of State

  • Strong background in public sector initiatives

Greg New_edited.jpg
Gregory Meisoll

Chief Technician

  • Graduate from VCU with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering

  • Worked on various robotics projects

  • Keen interest in nanofiber technology

Dr. Larry Marshall

Co-Founder / Chief Scientist

  • 30 + years DuPont Experience

  • DuPont Fellow, at du Pont de Nemours & Co., Inc.

  • Key player in the development of Tyvek®

  • Author of 127 internal research notebooks and 53 internal research reports

  • Inventor on 20 issued US patents

Mike Bryner PhD

R&D / IP Advisor

  • Clarkson University, B.S. 1966, M.S. 1970, Ph.D. 1973

  • Held a Senior Technical Position at Dupont

  • Expert in the field of fiber spinning

  • Holds degrees in Chemical Engineering

  • Retired in 2005 from DuPont after nearly 32 years of process and product research


Our purpose

Healthy Air for Every Space

In the context of the Coronavirus pandemic, air purification has never been more important. We help get your organization back on its feet, by destroying a minimum of 99.9% of airborne viruses and making it a safer environment – for your home, employees and customers.

Beyond Covid, we remove airborne bacteria, allergens, mold, vehicle emission particulates and more.

Our mission is simple, to protect and enhance lives through healthy air.

Like pure water from the tap, people now expect healthy air in buildings and shared spaces.

More than an expectation, it’s a human right.

What Our Customers Are Saying


"Great company to work with. We upgraded our entire apartment block using their new filters. A pleasure to work with.



Find Out How Upgrading to VerdexAir® Can Help Your Indoor Space

Whether you want to help protect your workers by creating a healthier environment, or reduce your facility’s costs, we’ll work with you to customize a solution to meet your needs.

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