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Cutting HVAC Filter Energy Costs by 50%

Energy consumption of a VerdexAir® Filter is approximately 50% lower than a traditional HVAC filter

Introducing VerdexAir®  HVAC Technology

Delivering Less Energy, Longer Life and Huge Savings


Cutting HVAC Energy Costs by 50%

A typical MERV 13 HVAC filter uses energy by creating a resistance to the air flow of a HVAC system. This resistance is known as pressure drop, and means that the fan must work harder to move the same volume of air.


By lowering the pressure drop of a filter, we can reduce the speed of the fan and save HVAC energy and money. 

VerdexAir® filters delivers surface and depth loading technology that is scientifically proven to provide 50% lower operating pressure drop over a longer period of time. This means the energy required to push air through the HVAC system is dropped by 50% which translates into a 50% cost saving for the customer.

MERV 13 Filters That Last 3 Times Longer

Did you know that almost all MERV 13 filters are electrostatically charged? 

What does this mean, and why should I care?

Most manufacturers rely on an electrostatic charge that temporarily increases the MERV value of their air filters. As this charge dissipates over time, so does the air filter’s MERV value, and MERV value is directly related to the efficiency/effectiveness of your filter.

This means that your air filter starts off as a MERV 13 filter, but within approximately 20 days, your air filter drops to a MERV 10. That's a drop of over 30% in filtration in less than 3 weeks, meaning you've just paid for a filter that works for less than 30% of its intended use. Now where else would you find this acceptable?

MERV 13 vs MERV 13-A Filters

As mentioned above, a typical MERV 13 filter relies on an
electrostaticcharge to help stop particles, whereas a
MERV 13-A relies solely on mechanical filtration. Mechanical
filtration does not rely on electrostatic charging, so the filter
must perform to the same standard all my itself, without any
help of charging.

VerdexAir® filters work through mechanical filtration principles
only, which do not degrade over time. This means that a
VerdexAir® filter holds its efficiency through the lifetime of the
filter, meaning the filter lasts 3 times longer. Or, in more
straightforward terms, it lasts as long as its supposed to last.

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The Environment Loves Us

A Greener Choice for Clean Air

We are committed to providing our customers with HVAC filters that not only ensure clean and healthy indoor air, but also contribute to a healthier planet. We take pride in our environmentally friendly approach to filter production, ensuring that your comfort doesn't come at the cost of our planet's well-being.

Our Green Promise: Chemical-Free and Eco-Conscious

Unlike conventional filter manufacturers, we've embraced a chemical-free process in crafting our HVAC filters. Our commitment to sustainability extends from our raw materials to our production methods. By avoiding the use of harmful chemicals, we guarantee that our filters have minimal impact on both your indoor air quality and the environment.

Empowering Green Living: Low Energy and Water Consumption

VerdexAir® is redefining what it means to create high-quality HVAC filters in a responsible manner. Our innovative production process has been designed to minimize energy consumption, ensuring that your pursuit of comfort doesn't contribute to unnecessary energy waste. Additionally, our low water consumption methods underscore our dedication to conserving valuable resources.

Industries We Serve

​The air quality within buildings can and will ultimately have a direct impact on people´s wellbeing, mood, health and performance. Regardless of their shape, form or use, all forms of buildings all share at least the fact that a number of people enter and leave these frequently every day all day. 

This is why effective air filtration solutions are needed as an active defense against harmful airborne contaminants. Especially for Facility Managers, professional air filtration solutions that best meet the sweet spot between air filtration efficiency and energy efficiency, are crucial to their success and the maximization of their facility management contracts´ value.


We provide game-changing filtration solutions to many industries, including the following:


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