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Critical VerdexAir® Cleanroom Solutions

Ensuring Nothing But Healthy Air Enters Your Cleanroom

Providing Healthy Air In Cleanrooms


Why Cleanrooms Need a VerdexAir® Solution

Cleanrooms require the Highest Standards for Air Purification.

Critical environments such as laboratories, or pharmaceutical and microelectronic manufacturing are very different, but they have one thing in common – contamination can lead to disastrous effects. Is your filtration system running with optimal efficiency?

Whether protecting the health of workers and the patients that will use the medicine being produced or protecting the yield of production – cleanroom filters have to work efficiently and effectively.


The Problem with Cleanroom HVAC Units

Cleanrooms consume large amounts of energy compared with non-classified rooms; scientific literature and experience in the field show that cleanrooms use up to 25.3 times more energy (1.25kW/sqm vs. 0.06kW/sqm). The energy requirement of HVAC systems usually amounts to 50-75% of electricity consumption in a clean production space due to the high airflow rates needed for particular ISO classes.

This consumption directly relates to the design of a cleanroom and it must be taken into account to achieving an optimised design. For example, the energy footprint is where high energy consumption leads to high carbon dioxide (CO2) footprint.

The importance of manufacturing cost-efficiently is another factor. Furthermore, there are markets where cleanroom technology is not even available due to high life cycle costs (LCC).

Save Millions in Energy Costs

The life cycle cost of a filter can be broken down as depicted. The initial investment includes the capital cost of the filter, frame and installation, and contributes about 6%.


Further costs to be considered are maintenance cost, which represents the cost of replacement filters and labor, and cost to dispose of the used filters.


By far the largest cost contribution however, is the energy cost of the system necessary to power the fan, making up 76% of the total cost.

Energy consumption of a VerdexAir® Filter made from Verdex 3D nanofibers is approximately 40% lower than with a traditional HEPA filter of the same efficiency rating.


This energy savings directly translates into a 60% cost savings, allowing significant monetary savings potential for building installations requiring a multitude of filters.

Verdex PieChart (1).png

Virus Free Buildings

In times of a pandemic, the regular filter set-up will no longer be sufficiently effective. Standard HVAC filters are not designed to safely capture viruses and bacteria. 

VerdexAir® provides innovative Nanofiber HEPA level filtration that captures 99.9% of viruses.


Healthy Air can become a reality without major system changes or reconfigurations or downtimes.

Damien Verdex (33).png
Damien Verdex (33).png
Damien Verdex (33).png

VerdexAir® Upgrade Summary

  • Save millions in energy cost

  • Our filters have standard dimensions so they will work in most buildings

  • You can supply the highest air quality at a clean room level in every room

  • VerdexAir® offers a sustainable, holistic way for every building to operate safely, whatever new threats emerge. Protect guests, customers, colleagues and your families for the future

  • Our highly efficient filters meet all safety requirements, including fire protection regulations

We Know How to Reduce Energy Costs in Your Cleanroom Facility

Whether you want to help protect your workers by creating a healthier environment, or reduce your facility’s energy costs, we’ll work with you to customize a solution to meet your needs.

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